Protecting Property

Most mortgage providers will make it a condition of your mortgage offer that building insurance is in place before they will release any funds. At Mother Goose Mortgages we can help you find a policy that is suitable for your property needs.

Listed below are the main types of property protection that we can assist you with

Insurance that covers the structure, fixtures and fittings of your home. It will typically cover outside structures too such as garages, sheds, fences, drains and underground services (for which you are responsible).There is usually an additional protection for any accidental damage.

This type of policy protects property owners from financial loss in relation to rental properties. The cover is usually for the building, fixtures and fittings. It can also extend to contents in the property if they belong to the property owner.

Insurance that covers your household possessions against loss or damage within the home or theft from your home. It does not typically cover your possessions when they are taken away from the home. There is usually an additional protection for any accidental damage.

Personal Possessions
This is an optional extra you can take out with contents insurance. This provides cover for your possessions (usually ‘portable’ possessions such as a mobile phone, laptop etc) when they are taken away from your home.

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